Nike has officially announced the over $15 million USD in donations to help battle the coronavirus’s spread and provide aid to those in need.

According to Hypebeast, the $10 million US of the sizable sum comes directly from Chairman Emeritus and co-founder Phil Knight and wife Penny, Chairman of the Board Mark and Kathy Parker and president/CEO John and Eileen Donahoe. This is split between several organizations: $7 million USD is going to Oregon Health & Science University, $2 million USD to the Oregon Community Recovery Fund, and $1 million USD to the Oregon Food Bank. These donations will improve care, testing and access to food for those in need.

Recently, Nike also donated approximately $1.4 million USD to China’s Youth Development foundation. This brings the total donations to $15.5 million USD. Finally, the brand has announced that they will support a two-to-one match to any donations that aid areas where Nike employees live. However, it has not been announced exactly what this match entails.