Pride Collections

Pride Collections That Actually Give Back To The LGBTQ+ Cause

Here are all the brands and organisations donating sales proceeds to non-profits that support the cause

While it is always a throw-up on whether brands and big corporations come up with ‘Pride’ collections because they genuinely support the cause or because they want to cash in on the opportunity, there are many brands selling apparel for the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate Pride month and also making heavy donations to associations that do work to support the community.

American Eagle donates a 100 percent of its sale proceeds to the It Gets Better Project, reports Nylon. Their latest Pride collection featured the #AExME mission and the merchandise is available on their website.

50 percent of the sales from each piece bought from J.Crew and Madewell will go back to supporting the LGBTQ+ cause and the companies have teamed up with Human Rights Campaign to launch Pride merch this year.

Levi’s will be donating 100 percent of sales proceeds to the Stonewall Community Foundation and the Harvey Milk Foundation, reports Nylon. This will be their fifth year launching a Pride collection.

Target has consistently supported the cause and been a staunch LGBTQ+ ally, having stood up for trans people on the bathroom issue and having committed 20 million dollars to installing gender-neutral single-stall bathrooms, reports Auto Straddle. The website further reports that a 100 percent of the profits from the sales of the Harry’s Shave Kit will go to GLAAD.