A Supreme drop is here and while the collection features everything from jackets and pants, we need to specifically talk about the accessories they have released.

Every year, there’s a standout and crazy Supreme accessory. Some previous unforgettable drops have included a fire extinguisher, director’s chair, canoe, band-aid and a burner phone. This year, Supreme manages to maintain its hype with a new set of accessories that include everything from a 20″ DMX dirt-bike to a pair of binoculars.

The collection this time include a USA Mac Tools Workstation, belts, chains, Splading basketballs, Speedo swimming caps and goggles, ashtrays, bicycle helmets, lighters, umbrellas, a Supreme-branded box of Fujifilm Polaroid films and Ziploc bags. But the most talked about release was the Supreme Oreos, which are now reselling for over $15,000 USD on eBay. Set to release in packs of three, the cookies are dyed to match Supreme’s iconic red color and marked with Box Logo branding. The initial price of the Supreme Oreos was placed at $200 USD, but since then, a bidding war erupted with the highest bid currently being $15,999 USD.

Take a look at some of the releases from the Supreme Spring/Summer 2020 collection: