Here’s what Drew and Alex from the EDM duo The Chainmokers have to say about their association with the brand. 

What did you think when Tommy Hilfiger asked you to be brand

Drew: When Tommy asked us to represent the brand we couldn’t believe it. This is an iconic brand that paved the way in collaborating with musicians – how could we turn down the opportunity?

Alex: It’s so cool when you’re a kid and a fan of someone, and then twenty years later you’re suddenly working with them! I’ve always related to Tommy Hilfiger as a brand because the style is really down to earth. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and you need to take the ones you are given.

What are you most looking forward to about the ambassadorship?

Drew: We have lots in common with Tommy but we also have crazy respect for him. He does his own thing and he sticks to it, no matter what people say.

Alex: Mainly, we strive to break conventions, just like he does. What’s really crazy is that he does this every season. Additionally, Tommy Hilfiger is about enjoying life and having a great time. We have been to a number of Tommy Hilfiger events, and the brand always goes the distance to ensure that they are fun and exciting; we feel the same way about our performances.

What inspires you when creating music?

Alex: Music is constantly evolving and even though we’re faithful to our sound, we also try and stay on top of that change. We pull a lot of inspiration from our lives, which are always changing, and that makes the process ever-growing. It’s very challenging but rewarding.

Drew: We’re also influenced by a lot of the stuff that we listen to, especially the music we enjoyed growing up. Inspiration is fleeting though, and when it strikes you, you just have to be prepared to seize it the best you can.

Your gigs are renowned for being full-scale productions. What motivates
you to do this?

Drew: There is no science behind making a cool record or putting on an awesome show. Everything we do comes from a place of passion and emotion that we want to share with our audience. We also love to challenge ourselves as it keeps things interesting and it’s important to us that people never know what to expect next.

Alex: Our gigs are about using innovative methods to bring them to life and make our fans feel how much we appreciate their support. The whole process of putting together our shows gives us the most incredible feeling. We are our own biggest critics at the end of the day.

How would you define your style?

Alex: I think our style is pretty approachable. We’ve always been two really down-to-earth guys who just dress in a typical all-American way.