We are no strangers to outrageous and odd things turning up at Paris Couture Week. After all, it’s fashion, darling – look it up. This year’s sartorial extravaganza was no different, just stuff nobody will ever wear but if they do, it’ll surely be a spectacle to witness.

Schiaparelli gave us some sort of a fashionable flamingo, the handiwork of Stephen Jones. The bird-like-model was not the only oddity on display, however. John Galliano came up with an innovative way to ensure you either lose or damage your iPhone forever. His boots for Maison Margiela came with iPhone holsters – yes, really.


That’s not all – ever concerned about our health, Mr Galliano also gave us the Yoga Mat hat which is basically just a yoga mat strapped to your head. We are gushing over how useful this is during the Mumbai rains – not only does it protect us from getting wet, it also guarantees that you never miss a Yoga class again.



A glimpse at the creative thinking behind our Autumn-Winter 2018 Artisanal Show designed by @jgalliano. He muses on the word ‘cool’ and shares his observations of Neo-Digital Natives and the influence of the digital landscape on him and his work. And how his memory of Faye Dunaway’s coral pink lipstick is propelled into the collection as a Techno Sorbet. ‘The Memory of… With John Galliano’ available on ITunes via the link in bio. #maisonmargiela #artisanal #artisanalartistry – Music arrangement by Jeremy Healy. Black Saturn, Nicholas Hill, Luciano Ugo Rossi, Glenn Herweijer; Ben Sumner. KPM Music When The Clock Stops, Nikky French. KPM Music Breakacuda, Benjamin Medcalf. Anger Music Circus Caravan MYMA. Justement Music Flight Remembered, Nicholas Hill, Glen Herweijer, Ben Sumner. KPM Music The Arrival, David James Caton, Harry Valentine. Anger Music Etude in e major, Frederic Chopin, Tolga Kashif, KPM Music Warhammer, Darren Mudge. Anger Music

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Giambattista Valli gave us these shoes which are perfect for those days you just can’t find your broom or feather-duster.



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Valentino gave us big hair and okay, this we actually adore. Kaia Gerber looked stunning and not at all like somebody who would definitely have suffered a major headache post the show.


Galliano, again. This time he also gave us VR goggles because why not?


Last but not the least, Givenchy’s drone made friends with some over-enthusiastic seagulls.