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Grooming Guide

Know what foods are beneficial for the skin, ways to deal with oily skin and how to prevent shaving rash

Dr-RiddheshWhat are the good and bad foods for facial skin?
There are good and bad effects of certain kinds of food on your skin. So make sure you are careful of what you eat. Rice cakes are normally good for your health in terms of nutritional value, but it has some side effects on your skin. Your body metabolises the simple carbs in the cakes the same way it does with sugar—by converting them to glucose. Once they’ve been converted, they stick to wrinkle-fighting proteins, like collagen, and damage them. Some people eat cereals everyday. Cereals are highly refined and full of added sugar. That means they can lead to wrinkle-inducing glucose spikes. Chips contain oils and carbs, and over a period of time, you’ll notice more fine lines, wrinkles, and an aged appearance.

Some foods are purely beneficial, like yogurt. Yogurt improves the skin’s complexion. The protein you get from dairy helps skin become firmer, so it is more resistant to lines. Eat a single serving daily to make your complexion smoother.
Pomegranates help in increasing health benefits as they are packed with polyphenol antioxidants. Polyphenols fight free radicals and regulate the skin’s blood flow.  When applied to the skin, the fruit’s antioxidants help smooth lines.

Never eat too much; there should be a limit and a proper time gap.
In the end, your skin shows your lifestyle. Therefore, eat less and
live more.
-Dr Riddhesh Jain, nutritionist, Sketch Clinic

Dr-Jayshree-ManchandaHow should one prevent blackheads from popping? What are the ways to get rid of them?
Popping blackheads causes skin damage. There are many remedies to get rid of blackheads. A clay mask is the easiest way to prevent blackheads. Use an oil-absorbing clay mask. It is a natural way to reduce excess oil and it lowers skin impurities. Use skin cleansers, brushes and sponges to gently scrub away plugged pores. Exfoliation, with the help of baking soda, can also prevent blackheads. Before you start applying any special creams, consult your skin expert. Don’t use any sharp tools on the skin, you can leave that to the professionals.
-Dr Jaishree Manchanda, dermatologist and cosmetologist

Are there any special kinds of moisturisers for men with oily skin?
Oily skin is one of the main concerns for men. It is more prone to clogged pores, leading to acne and blackheads. Use non-comedogenic moisturisers, which are best for oily skin. Many moisturisers are available (like Proactive green tea moisturiser) that can help reduce oiliness from the face. If moisturisers don’t help, then consult a dermatologist to reduce the oiliness in order to enhance the facial glow.
-Dr Jaishree Manchanda

What is the best way to prevent shaving rash?
While most people experience no discomfort when shaving, those with sensitive skin or coarse hair have a hard time. A shaving rash (also called a razor burn or shaving bump) is the result of a recently shaved hair growing back into the skin, causing in-grown hairs. In extreme cases, these can cause acne-like bumps on the skin that causes itching and burning sensations. To prevent that, shave in the direction of your hair growth. Shaving against the hair-growth is rough; it makes the hair grow out faster and causes in-growth as the blade does not catch the hair at its closest point to the skin. Use shorter and lighter strokes. Use a sharp razor, and change it every week. A weak blade is ineffective as it is harsher on the skin and requires unnecessary pressure. Clean the blade after every stroke. Use warm water as it softens the hair and opens the pores of the skin. Exfoliate the skin on a weekly basis–use a facial scrub to get rid of excess oil, dirt in the pores and dead skin. Rinse your face with cold water after the shave and then apply an aftershave balm or a moisturiser.
-Rakshay Dariwal, managing director, The Gentlemen’s Tonic