Home fragrances are a great way to turn your space into a relaxing and rejuvenating abode after a hectic day at work. We don’t mean fresheners that are overpowering and end up giving you a headache. There are numerous ways which are safe and secure to fragrance your home. Reed diffusers, aroma candles and fragrance vaporizers are all helpful in achieving this. Picking the right aroma for your home is essential to your well-being. These home fragrances are also said to calm constant anxiety and to offer a soothing effect.

Launched in 2007, the brand Iris has pioneered the nascent home fragrance market in India. IRIS Celeste, a range of luxury fragrances introduced by IRIS, offers a range of exquisite aromas, each carefully chosen to reflect your unique persona, taste and mood. Iris Celeste has launched three new fragrances that can match up to the ambience of luxury homes. Lavender, Coral blue and Tangerine are the new fragrances that are available in reed diffusers and vaporizers. These sophisticated fragrance delivery systems are aesthetically designed and release aromas that have been proven to elevate the senses and create a pleasant atmosphere. Iris Celeste is the perfect complement to luxury homes.

We have listed some fragrance delivery systems that every new home needs for enhancing their home décor and create a heavenly ambience. 

Reed Diffusers:

IRIS reed diffusers are fashioned from tall, stiff grasses/fibers that are porous and excellent for diffusion. They provide a 24 hours aromatic experience with no fire or ash. These reed diffusers are ideal for creating a calming presence in your room and are ideal for maintaining peace of mind. 

Fragrance Vaporizers:

IRIS vaporizers work their magic when a few drops of essential oil are added to a bowl of water and heated by a tea light candle. Vaporizers are a great way to fragrance your home while adding a decorative touch as well.


The French couldn’t have lent a better name to this ingenious mixture of dried flowers, leaves, herbs and spices; with a dash of essential oil and fixative tossed in to hold it all together. IRIS potpourri can be placed in bathrooms to set a unique mood for your future relaxing baths. All you have to do is place them in a bowl and you’re good to go. 

Aromatic Candles:

With the blend of purest wax and exotic essential oils, IRIS Aroma Candles are the most exquisite handcrafted candles you’d find. The best part is that these candles are smokeless, drip-free and dispense aroma till the last flame.

Head over to Iris to be enchanted with their range of home fragrances now!