One of the best things about the new season is the fun of receiving and giving gifts, especially something as tasteful as fragrances. For all you know, you might help someone discover their signature scent.

An evocative fragrance is a secret to gift-giving success and if you know someone’s favourite scent, what’s better than getting a new fragrance for the festive season. There’s just something about receiving a fragrance set with beautiful packaging. To make your selection process a lot easier, we went ahead and rounded up the best fragrances and gift sets that your friends will love.



A fragrance forged with elegant brilliance that provides its admirers with a pulsating flash of modern, resolute femininity — willful, luminous, and in full bloom.


Amber Malaki is a warm and enigmatic new fragrance that is inspired by the opulent luxury of Chopard jewellery.


Fully embracing the evidence of gender equality, Davidoff Run Wild fragrances are developed for both men and women.


An Olfactive portrayal of the 1920s bohemian culture, this woody and leather fragrance exudes an air of exquisite audacity.


Masculine, elegant, and charismatic, L’insoumis’s aromatic fragrance is made up of a selection of natural and refined raw materials.


Inspired by the wildness of coastal Italy, the new scent takes the earthiness of Bvlgari Man Wood Essence and turns it towards the sun, infusing the line with luminosity to create a fresh link between man and nature.