After a genius display of the Fall/Winter fashion show in Milan, Italian luxury brand, Gucci is now launching the “Gucci Manifesto” collection. The capsule line makes use of the “mask” motif, as showcased at the Fall/Winter 2019/20 fashion show, and features text discussing the cultural significance of this item. 

There are three styles in the collection: a short-sleeve, crew-neck cotton T-shirt, and a long-sleeve, oversize, cotton sweatshirt, either with crew-neck or hooded. For men, there is a T-shirt featuring a carnival cat mask and “GUCCI” on the front and the season’s slogan on the back. There are also different “Gucci Manifesto” T-shirts and sweatshirts on sale in Gucci stores and wholesale accounts, for both men and women. 


For the occasion, the brand’s app will also unveil a dedicated section, allowing users to discover the collection and to virtually try-on the masks through the augmented reality. The technology – available for iOS and Android – gives users the possibility to wear their favourite masks from the Fall-Winter 2019/20 fashion show and to take photos and videos of themselves, providing an engaging experience.


The “Gucci Manifesto” collection is available online and in-store from July 2019