Mahendra Singh Dhoni will always be a Captain close to our hearts because of his amazing skills, composure, drive and an iconic hair journey. Captain Cool’s hair has gone through more highs and lows than his career.

Everything that Dhoni does is intensely scrutinised on account of the fact that he is one of the biggest public figures in the country but our relationship with his hairstyle is a different ball game altogether. Here, we catalogue his hair journey so far:

1. When he rocked that ‘Tere Naam’ cut which is saying something because that hairstyle was a fashion faux pas if we’ve ever seen one.



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2. Those spikes that every teenage boy in the country started imitating. The one thing common between most of the 13-year-olds in India was the overwhelming stench of Axe wafting from their bodies and the Dhoni spikes.



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3. Then, of course, he went bald before the 2011 World Cup.


4. In 2013, he went with this hairstyle and basically, everyone lost their minds at how edgy it was.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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5. And then, he got this really classy cut that went great with the whole salt-and-pepper thing he had going.



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