Salvatore Ferragamo’s newest Eau de Parfum pour homme is a bold, standout fragrance for the modern man

Italian high-end fashion label, Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. was established way back in the ‘30s and is today known for its collection of shoes, bags, leather accessories, ties and scarves, apparel, watches, jewellery, eyewear and, yes, fragrances. And speaking of the latter, the master perfumers at Salvatore Ferragamo have recently launched a brand-new fragrance for men – Ferragamo Intense Leather – a sophisticated Eau de Parfum for the modern, new-age man who’s creative, confident and entirely comfortable in his own skin.       


Ferragamo Intense Leather has been created by Antoine Maisondieu, a Frenchman who comes from a well-respected family of perfumers and who has earlier created bestselling fragrances for leading French and Italian luxury brands. For this new Eau de Parfum, Maisondieu has brought all his olfactory talent to bear, creating a masterful interplay of contrasting notes in a radiant perfume that seduces and enchants without having to try too hard. Here, the fresh, citrusy soul of Mandarin orange melds with bright, vivid pink Peppercorn, while Clary Sage essential oils add another dimension of magnetism.  


Furthermore, accents of Annurca Apple Accord come together with the floral elegance of Lily-of-the-Valley and Orris, a rare and expensive essential oil that’s distilled from the root of iris. Bright Musk and mineral, salty notes of Oakmoss add layers of complexity to the perfume, underlining its unique artisanal flair and bng on its manly charisma. Created for the inspired, passionate man who wants to decisively project his individuality, Ferragamo Intense Leather is an EDP that fits right in with the ethos of modern masculinity. 

As befits a painstakingly intricate Ferragamo fragrance, Ferragamo Intense Leather comes in a signature glass bottle that’s equally evocative of modern luxury. An elegant sculpture in glass and brushed metal, the bottle features an exclusive blue-green teal lacquer and bears Salvatore Ferragamo’s iconic motifs, which the luxury brand’s customers know and love so well. A vertical band with a tonal leather-like effect has the Ferragamo name emblazoned across it from bottom to top, and immediately draws attention with its elegant, understated lettering. At opposite ends of the badge, Salvatore Ferragamo’s signature ‘Gancini’ buckle, presented here in silver metal, embellishes the bottle from base to top and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Bottle shot

Ferragamo Intense Leather EDP not only smells gorgeous, it also mirrors the house’s evolution and its move towards a new fashion ethic, one that’s modern, confident and individualistic. And one that embraces inclusivity and celebrates diversity. Above all, Ferragamo Intense Leather, as its tagline says, lets you be whoever you want to be and there’s something to be said for that.