Skin care

We recommend a few good shower gels, facial scrubs and face creams to maintain a clean and fuss-free monsoon body care regime. Opt for muskier, spicy and woody fragrances when you are looking for shower gels. These fragrances generally have warmer associations and hence will help fight the rainy day gloomy face. L’Occitane’s Cedrat collection of body care for men is an impressive line of shower gels, soaps, after shave creams and an excellent eau de toilette. The smoky-woody fragrance of the collection is extremely masculine with notes of cedar, nutmeg, citrus, blue ginger and cashmeran. Quite a heady combination, we say.

Hair care

Wash your mane regularly, because like fur and rugs, your hair will start giving off a damp stink. Look out for dandruff too. A herbal anti-dandruff shampoo followed by a nourishing conditioner should do the trick. Also, using non-greasy protein-rich hair creams can be a better alternative to hair gels because the latter just leaves your hair grimy after a day’s work.

Facial hair

Just because it is raining cats and dogs and you have taken a long weekend, please don’t let your beard go astray. Trim that rogue mop and use beard oils and creams to keep the stench at bay (the lady ain’t gonna like it if you come in for a kiss smelling like a fuzzy skunk), aid moisturizing and prevent itchy skin. And if you shave regularly, try out two fabulous products by Gentlemen’s Tonic – they have a really good pre-shave oil and a traditional shaving cream for the old schoolers who love to pamper their face and enjoy a languid lather. Is your dad’s birthday just around the corner? The Gentlemen’s Tonic’s grooming products make for a generous gift. Try out their face scrub too.

Smell good

Now that’s not a new thing, is it? Carry a deodorant and perfume with you at all times. Kick the musty with some misty fragrances.