Adah Sharma

An Unkempt Beard Is An Attraction Killer.” – Adah Sharma

Actress Adah Sharma on how to make a style statement, her favourite men and more.

Actress Adah Sharma on how to make a style statement, her favourite men and more


  • Don’t try too hard. Either you possess a sense of style, or you don’t.


  • I would describe my favourite style as ‘homeless person meets quirk’.


  • I recommend buying unique stuff. Buy it whenever you find something quirky.


  • The more mismatched and neon your socks are, the better.


  • Slouching can make even the best dressed person look sloppy.


  • If you have decided to wear more than three colours, try and look your confident best.


  • Never underestimate the power of details. Women notice everything.


  • Beware of buying something just because it is ‘in’ fashion, unless you are sure you can carry it off.


  • An unkempt beard is an attraction killer.


  • Smell great, but that doesn’t mean you bathe in an entire bottle of perfume.


  • Please allow us women to show cleavage.


  • Boundaries must be pushed, even though you might make a fool of yourself sometimes.


  • Indian clothes are fabulous. For a formal occasion, whenever possible, try wearing a mundu with a shirt, or a dhoti.


  • At a date, look happy and smile. It doesn’t really matter what you wear, as long as you seem comfortable in it. Avoid showing too much skin.


  • I like men who look dressed up even when they are dressed down. Ryan Reynolds is very cool, Eddie Redmayne always is very well turned out. Ranveer Singh seems very happy and confident in what he wears, while Siddharth Malhotra carries off everything he wears so well.


  • In your wardrobe, ensure that you always have clean underwear, a pair of jeans that are not too fitted, a basic checked shirt, a white T-shirt and clean socks.


  • I believe many Indian men are very well-dressed. I do not like the idea of stereotyping Indian men as badly dressed people.