There are a lot of crazy Instagram pages out there dedicated to a lot mindless stuff. But this one right here? This one we totally approve of. 

PreachersNSneakers is an Instagram page that is passionately dedicated to exposing the servants of God and their ridiculously expensive sneakers they wear on stage for their sermons or talks. Now, just to clarify, these pastors should not be confused with Roman Catholic priests who wear white robes, these pastors usually belong to Born Again communities. 

The page doesn’t only post the fresh fit the pastors wear, but also breaks down the market price of each outfit. 

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Pastors, at least in the US, are more than just men who spread the word of God. Today, they’ve turned into motivational speakers and influencers. You have to understand, that they take bags of money back home. 

From Saint Laurent to Off White, here are some of our favourites: