We all know some wannabe ‘Instagram influencer’ who carries an extra jacket or two when they go partying so they can take pictures in different outfits at the club and then post them on the social media app, making their followers believe that they are always out and about.

According to a Quartz report, a survey was commissioned by Barclaycard (the credit card company) where it was discovered that at least one in 10 shoppers in the United Kingdom (UK) buy clothes, take a picture for Instagram and them return it to the store.

The survey omits teenagers but out of the 2,002 thus surveyed, the ones aged 35-44 showcase this behaviour the most. “These are clothes made for social media: meant to be worn once, maybe twice, photographed, and discarded,” Allison P. Davis wrote for The Cut, regarding brands like Fashion Nova which are a massive deal on Instagram.


So the next time you see your friend’s #OOTD but don’t find the outfit in their closet, you know what really went down. This, of course, urges us to discuss about social media and the need to curate every aspect of our lives. In this instance, people are so obsessed with their Instagram aesthetic that they don’t mind doing the absolutely ridiculous as long as it gets them the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.