We speak to Shilpa Rao, a singer for some style tips that men can follow.  

  • Being comfortable in your skin is the key to looking and feeling good. One must embrace it, rather than trying to fit stereotypes.


  • Know your comfort zone and experiment with your style accordingly.


  • Accept your body type, and work on your style to highlight the best of your features.


  • Work out at least thrice a week for an hour, to see yourself healthier and shining.


  • One of the most important parts of looking great all the time is to feel great. Eating right and exercising can effectively help you achieve that.


  • Accept that, like everything else, fashion too is evolving, and to change along with it is the only constant fashion statement to be made. Be edgy, but not at the expense of your comfort.


  • Be different and confident in whatever you choose to wear. It may not be a great outfit, but the way you carry it can be the game changer.


  • Simplicity speaks volumes. It works for me and could work for you too, if you choose to be simple and casual with your outfits at times.