The nip in the air that is finally catching up with everyone which means, sweater weather is here. But it can be more than just sweaters. Whether you’re joining your mates on a rooftop hookah bar in London or going out to Hauz Khas Village in Delhi, a man needs his winter armour. The type of armour that will sail you through the season without any wrinkles. Right from employing your work jacket or blazer to busting out your favourite trench coat for the winter, here’s how layer your outfit like the pro you think you are.

Layer your outfit like a pro

-Your work jacket or blazer will follow you anywhere, no matter which corner of the planet you end up at. So while you have it at your disposal, use it wisely. Pair it with a nice dress shirt and sensible brogues when you have work combined with pleasure.

-There’s always room for multi-zippered jackets in your wardrobe. Things will go south if you don’t have the right thing to wear underneath the jacket. Choose a smart sweatshirt that doesn’t clash with the already loud outerwear.

– Enormous scarves are a thing now and you’ve just got to learn to accept it. Not out of fear, but because how good it looks. Exhibit A: below is a mustard sweater that would have been just fine by itself. But add a big-ass scarf to it, you’re outfit will be elevated.

-The classics are always the hardest to pull because a timeless piece is supposed to be worn just as they come in their package. So experimenting is not an option. Get a off white or a cream shirt to go with your brown long coat like Ranveer Singh here. The hand gesture, however, is entirely his idea.

-And finally, we have the trench coat, probably the king of all kinds of coats out there. It’s an all-weather investment that keeps you from every seasonal damage, except maybe for summers. The beauty of this coat is that you can pair with any kind of sweatshirt. Whether it’s a hoodie or a turtleneck, everything floats with this one. Careful while selecting the colour palette or you may end up look like an inappropriate children’s cartoon.