Louis Vuitton’s Final Ode To Virgil Abloh 

Amid the search for their design team’s successor — earlier helmed by Virgil Abloh, who passed away in 2021 — Louis Vuitton showcased its Men’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

The collection drew from the theme, ‘Strange Math’, which according to the brand’s press release, explores the relationship between “imagination” and “reality.” The showcase also saw the screening of a cinematic prelude directed by Ephraim Asili, which depicts a music composer’s practice through the lens of science, equating the creation of music to scientific discovery. The film analogises between a composer’s ability to access their imagination and create something totally new out of it, kind of like an astrophysicist exploring outer space. The show kicked off with a marching band performance by Florida A&M University, and later, Kendrick Lamar delivered a powerful performance, too, which has been the talk of town! 

As for the lineup, it started off with a showcase of their canary yellow pieces in suits, knitwear, shirts and overcoats, followed by the greyish lilac colour palette accessorised with white LV-monogrammed bags. Bold floral motifs appearing on jackets, trousers and coats were spotted. The same hue was applied to denim pieces while colourful beaded details highlighted an all-white number. Elsewhere, neon green jackets came in shapes and prints.

The collection saw upcycled pieces and other ready-to-wear items such as biker jackets, cartoon-printed overcoats, kaftans and knitwear. Speaking of accessories, SS23 included a variety of hats such as beanies, bucket hats, and sailor hats. Other items included scarves, eyewear, gloves, headbands and jewellery in enamel and strass. Coming to the shoes, the French maison has a new supersized sneaker, Le Boyhood, in leather with fat lacing and a TPU sole. It appears in a series of primary contrast colourways and features laces styled with either silicone building blocks or chunky beads. Other footwear pieces include, LV Baroque Boot, LV Baroque Loafer, LV Sabot, and LV Trainer Puffer among many others. 

Take a look at some of the looks from the collection:

(Image credits: Louis Vuitton)

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