A prominent advocate for the welfare and conservation of endangered animals, former England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen is the man behind Saving Our Rhinos Africa & India (SORAI), an Australian charity supporting rhino conservation. He talks to MW about his involvement with watchmaker Hublot’s efforts towards the conservation of rhinos and his own involvement in the making of the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai.

MW: How did you get involved with the rhino conservation project and Hublot?

Kevin Pietersen: I got involved with the rhino and Hublot project when we had a conversation about how time is of essence and time is running out. It sounded like the most incredible partnership to be able to put together. It is such a welcoming watch brand as they have been so much in tune with doing their best to create the awareness and engage with such a meaningful project in the conservation of the rhino.

MW: What is the nature of the work you do with the project?

KP: I designed the watch. I went to Switzerland and I helped the watch-makers decide on what we wanted and what we liked in terms of watch design. In terms of conservation, we are looking after the night capabilities of the rangers and trying to make sure the rangers keep safe and can protect the animals. Poaching happens at night in Kruger National Park. We need to start owning the night because that’s the most dangerous time for the animals.

MW: Have you always been passionate about wildlife? Have you visited the national parks in the Indian north-east which are home to the Indian rhinos?

KP: I have always been passionate about animals. I have always loved animals. I have visited the Kruger National Park in South Africa on numerous occasions. When I was a youngster I had got into the real nuts and bolts of conservation. This is something that excites me, something that I love. I’ll be in the north-east of India towards the end of this year, filming a documentary on the Indian rhino for National Geographic. So I am looking forward to that.

MW: What was your biggest takeaway from the recently concluded Ashes series?

KP: My biggest takeaway was that the teams were fairly evenly matched. Only a couple of players stood out from each team. And the results seemed fair (2-2) but obviously Australia takes the Ashes back. Steve Smith outstanding, Australia’s bowling attack outstanding, Stuart Broad outstanding. Other than that it was fairly sedate apart from Ben Stokes’ wonderful innings.

MW: What is your opinion on the inaugural ICC World Test Championship which got underway with the Ashes, after being cancelled twice earlier. Who do you think have the best chance to reach the finals at Lords in two years’ time?

KP: I love that there’s a world Test championship. I think it’s going to be amazing for the game of cricket. I love Test cricket and we want youngsters to love Test cricket. There being a Test championship in cricket is truly spectacular. I’ve got absolutely no idea on who’s going to make it to Lords. I don’t know until it starts

MW: How many Hublot watches do you own? Which is your favourite one?

KP: I only have three or four Hublots and my favourite one is the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai.