Parineeti Chopra gives us some snippets about freedom and space in relationships, how secrets are not really secrets between best friends, and a woman’s way of staying updated about the life of the guy she fancies.


  • You may look like a rockstar, but if your sense of humour is the pits, there is no way you will get that pretty girl you have been eyeing.


  • Space and freedom are the very foundation on which you can build a great relationship.


  • Smelling good is a prerequisite if we have to even look at you.


  • Our bags and shoes cost much more than what we tell you. We just embellish the truth to sound more palatable to you.


  • You may think it is romantic to do things for us: clean the kitchen after a meal, make a bed. But we redo things after you have done them. You may not know what to do with 20 decorative pillows, but we know where each one goes.


  • Yes, we do take a long time to get ready. Even the natural look requires maintenance, so don’t get fooled by women who, well, don’t look ‘made up’.


  • We tell our best friends everything. Bedroom secrets. Boyfriend/spouse secrets. The men we hate. The men we admire. The men we find funny. What we ate for lunch/ dinner/breakfast. Why we love our pets more than our men. So when you date a woman, she will tell all your secrets to her friends.


  • If she really likes you, she will go through your Instagram, your FB account, your Twitter page and every other social media platform you are on. That’s a girl’s way of staying updated about your life.