Luxury brand Prada has teamed up with sports giant Adidas to recreate a luxury take on the famous Superstar sneaker.

The two brands have created an almost all-white and clean looking take on the iconic Superstar sneakers, which were a streetwear icon for the ’80’s rappers. Apart from the sneakers, the limited-edition collaboration will release a Prada bowling bag, which is a mash-up of Prada’s famous bag shape that was released in the Spring in 2000 and Adidas’s signature gym bag.

The duo features twinned logos  of Adidas and Prada. It is made of calf leather with a sports nylon strap, with the same mostly-white-with-black-detail look. If you aren’t into the black and white colour way, there’s an all-white version of both products.

“This pair of styles—each with a fundamental duality at their core—has been evolved from their sports and sub-cultural roots into modern luxury,” Prada and Adidas said in a statement.

Prada for Adidas Limited edition, which will produce only 700 pieces, will be available for purchase on December 4.