Image Courtesy: Maxim

Sarah Jane Dias has donned many hats:  she is an Indian actress, a former VJ for Channel V and the winner of Femina Miss India 2007. Here, she talks about independence, thinking in 10 dimensions and how women tend to favour men who are kind, emotionally generous and work hard.


  • Not all of us believe that the man should provide for his family, especially since in many cases that support is used as leverage against women. Why would we want to be dependent on somebody when it’s used as a tool to control us? As Beyonce said, “I’d rather stand on my own two feet. I’d rather earn my own money and buy my own diamonds.”


  • Men think in two dimensions. We think in 10!


  • It’s ironic that men tend to hold such an important place in society and yet feel insecure. It never stops amazing us.


  • We like our home in order. We don’t like things strewn around. If any woman tells you otherwise, she is lying.


  • Our friends’ opinions of you matter. They just do.


  • Telling us to “relax” does not work. It has the opposite effect on us.


  • We want you to be thoughtful. The best presents are the ones that come from the heart, like carving out time in your day to watch a movie together.


  • When asked if we are okay and we say, ‘I’m fine,’ we’re lying! The truth is we are not fine, but we’d rather keep peace or want the guy to just automatically sense something is wrong.


  • The majority of us don’t really care about how much money you have or make, as long as you are kind and emotionally generous and work hard. Laziness and lack of motivation is inherently unsexy.


  • We cherish our independence and ‘me’ time more than you’ll ever know.