Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty’s Rules of style

Actress likes to bend the rules when it comes to style

– It is important to bend the rules, if you can’t break them. While experimenting, check out the trends for men and then adapt them to your body shape. For instance, I have seen men in other countries pair lighter linen and cotton clothes in spring/summer with trainers. This combination breaks all the rules, but when you are slim and toned everything works well together.

-Being stylish is akin to being fit. If you have a great body, any piece of clothing will look good. However, bulking up is not the answer. A toned, athletic body helps. This is especially true these days with the skinny or fitted look in fashion.

-For a while, the solid-coloured shirt with a tie of the same colour was seen everywhere. You can try mixing things up a bit, and experimenting with colours since ties can really make a style statement.

-Flip-flops are great for the pool and the beach, but not for any other occasion.

-Shoes can make or break a look, so don’t opt for a cheap pair that falls apart fast, and those are that uncomfortable. Instead, buy a good pair if you want to dramatically change your look. Shoes can set men apart from the boys.

-Invest in great luggage, preferably in leather. I have noticed that men spend a bomb on clothes – even attire meant solely for travel – but forget to spend on the luggage they carry with them. Your accessories are part of your style statement, and that includes the bags you carry.


By Deepali Nandwani