February is always the month of love that involves grand gestures and expressions of what one can do for their significant other. But over time, the expressions of love and their meanings have evolved for the better. Couples now understand that being in love does not mean defying individuality, but rather, bringing it together to create a better, greater version of yourself!

Platinum Days of Love, through its latest campaign, #GreaterTogether, talks about this kind of relationship that couples aspire to have. By asking couples to focus on acts of love that are truly meaningful & make a difference, the campaign aids them in their goal of becoming greater and thereby making the love they share rare. To mark this rare love, Platinum Days of Love has curated an exquisitely crafted collection of Platinum Love Bands, each of which stands for a unique way in which a couple can become greater together.

Chasing Newer Horizons: Don’t #DoItForTheGram

When was the last time you and your partner decided to tick off the many goals on your bucket list?  Like, maybe taking the time out to travel together? Or taking up that new hobby class you always wanted to pursue? Together? Of course, everything new comes with its share of challenges but hey, with your partner by your side, there is so much you will learn through this adventure isn’t it? Worth a try, right?

Knowing Each Other’s Language of Love: Changing the “Box of Chocolates” to “Box of Feelings”

Does “I love you” convey everything you want to say to each other? Or is a box of chocolates the only fitting expression of your love? This Valentine’s Day, make an effort to truly understand each other’s language of love. Tell them 10 ways that their love and your relationship has made you a better person & ask them for ways you have made them feel the same. After all, can there be a sweeter compliment than letting your partner know that they bring out the best in you?

Slaying Individual Goals & Enabling Pursuits: The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Love is about being able to support your partner not just in things that are meant for you as a couple, but also things that they have always wanted to do, on their own! This Valentine’s day, ask your partner what’s important to them as a goal for this year, and then make a promise to support them in reaching that goal, every single day. Nothing makes a relationship stronger than two individuals who support and celebrate each other’s individuality.

Helping Each Other Reach Success: By Twinning and Winning

We’re not talking about just wearing similar outfits, but actually matching your ideas and bringing them together. Have deeper conversations with your partner about values that you both take seriously, and support and help each other in upholding those values and reaching success. If you’re a couple that strongly believes that one weekend a month is reserved for switching off the phone and spending time bringing to life that shared dream, then plan that together.

Being Friends First: Not All Proposals Need the Eiffel Tower

 While grand gestures can be fun, sometimes, all you need is knowing you have a confidante in your partner. Instead of the over-sized teddy bear, & the trail of roses leading to an elaborately decorated setting for the perfect dinner-date (with a view of the Eiffel Tower, of course), stop and think – can you talk to your partner about your highs & lows, your fears & dreams, and just about anything else with the same ease with which you can talk to your friend? Instead of the Insta-perfect proposal this year, why not propose to be #FriendsFirst with your partner?

Being Each Other’s Biggest Cheerleader: Finding Strength in Your Differences

You and your partner may be completely different, but that doesn’t stop you from being each other’s biggest cheerleader. After all, your differences only introduce you both to fresh perspectives that you would have missed without the other, making for a richer worldview. While the beach bum shows the mountain baby to the beauty of staring out at a limitless sea, the mountain baby will introduce the beach bum to the thrill of breathing in the crisp mountain air – inevitably making for the best of both worlds. Choose to be #GreaterTogether by being each other’s’ biggest cheerleaders!