Dior Homme’s Summer 2016 collection enters a contemporary, indoor ‘jardin a la française’  – filled with 2000 Fée des Neiges flowering white rosebushes, embedded in wooden parquet flooring. The Dior man is a figure who playfully subverts the rules of masculine dress while at the same time upholding their traditions.

The approach to silhouette, colour and decoration of this masculine wardrobe is taken from various signs and symbols of contemporary dress, yet it is the military uniform and the stratified history of sportswear to which the collection owes the greatest debt. From the coloration of military uniforms – the orange interior of the MA1 bomber jacket to khaki camouflage patterning and naval blues– to the more gentlemanly Argyll knits and hunting checks of traditional sporting garments. Contemporary and traditional are playfully mixed and their codes subverted.