Kishan Nagesh, Head, Denim, Pepe Jeans and Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director, Diesel, share advice on jeans for the summer, the three pairs you must own and more.

Are there any particular kinds of denim that are comfortable for summer?

Kishan Nagesh: Opt for lightweight denims with lighter washes and colours. Team up your denims with a white tee for a basic look, or switch up your outfit by wearing a light blue tank and white shirt with a neutral belt.

Nicola Formichetti: I suggest Jogg jeans — they are very comfortable and easy to travel in. They feel like sweatpants, but look like denim. They are also perfect for urban life and clubbing.

What is selvedge denim, and do Indian brands use it?

KN: What makes them different is the way the fabric is woven to give a premium and authentic look. These are cleanly stitched and welltailored denims. An easy way to identify selvedge denims is an in-fold with coloured lines (threads) placed on the out seam of the jeans. Yes, various Indian brands use it.

NF: It is when the edges on the strip of the denim fabric come finished with tightly woven bands holding them, preventing them from fraying, unravelling or curling. At Diesel, we use it in menswear styles, like the Buster.

Off the shelf or bespoke — what’s the way to go with jeans?

KN: Off-the-shelf denims are based on need — they have a functional aspect followed by fashion. For me, it’s bespoke; this is the holy grail of all denims. These encompass all aspects you’d want in your jeans — the right wash, colour, fit, pocket placement and fade on legs.

NF: Off the shelf is fine. Just find your perfect pair and stick to it. Once you have that one perfect pair that fits, that’s the one for you, forever.

Why would anyone want to pay good money for torn and frayed jeans?

KN: Torn jeans are ‘in’ right now. We have customers wanting to customise and modify their basic denims to make them look like an extension of their style. To facilitate this trend, we introduced our very own customisation tool, called the ‘Custom Studio’ in 2015. This is present in our flagship stores in metros. What this allows you to do is customise denims the way you like.

NF: I believe it’s because one can find beauty in something old and remade — the idea of the vintage look. It also involves a lot of hand-work to get this look done well.

If I had to have only three pairs of jeans, what kind should they be?

KN: I’m a big fan of raw denims, so this is my wardrobe staple — nothing like having a good pair that can go with almost any shirt or a tee. This is a denim classic and a must-have. Next is fit. The right fit is a must to wear for casual meetings, or when you want to make a good first impression. Invest in a pair of well-fitted denims depending on your height and torso-tolegs ratio to look slimmer, taller, leaner etc. Lastly, vintage denims will never go out of style. I believe everyone must own at least one pair of vintage denims.

NF: It would be a pair of Jogg jeans, that are perfect for travel. A pair of Thommer is good for the day, and a pair of Rhial for other occasions.

Once and for all – should I wash my jeans as regularly as I do my other clothes?

KN: Washing denims regularly causes the colour to fade, and eventually lose their fit. Compared to winters, summers require more washing, so just twice a month is ideal.

NF: Yes, please do wash your jeans. I think they should be washed probably a bit less than other clothes.

Should I iron my jeans or not?

KN: Denims don’t need ironing, as they are made to fit your body. Once you wear them, the creases go away. Another factor to take into account is that denims are made of cotton, and you do not need that kind of heat penetration. The best way is to hang your denims on a hanger to avoid creases from forming.

NF: No, this is a total no-go.

What’s a good denim care regime?

KN: After you’ve washed your denims, dry them out in the sun; this brings freshness. Always wash in cold water. Fold them well and make different sections for darker and lighter coloured denims.

NF: This really depends on your lifestyle, but always treat your jeans right is my advice.

(Interview by Shweta Mehta Sen. If you have any wardrobe related queries, mail us at