Retro is in style these days in the fashion industry. So, while designers are paying homage to cuts, hair stylists are doing the same too. The good men and women at Jean-Claude Biguine are bringing the sexy ’30s and ’40s back with six defining haircuts of the times. So it’s time to get a little bad boy, put on your sleek shoes and bring out those swing music vinyls – we are going back to the good ol’ times.


The City Slicker

A modern look for the smooth operator, women know you are a good looking rascal but they still adore you.

The Aristocrat

A relaxed casual look with playfully tousled hair, is “Sophistication” your middle name?


The Valentino

For the suave romantic, be prepared to be floored by his charm. But then again, is he not irresistible, ladies?

The Executive

A slightly more formal style that shape-shifts with personal taste. He is the good boy you want to take home to your mamma.


The Playboy

The name says it all. Not recommended for the faint-hearted.

The Service Man

It sounds super kinky, but this is the one for the men who love to experiment.