FEEZY on the rise in Wengzhou, China.

Ripping off a brand created by a celebrity is already a very hard move to pull off. Building a store out of it, even more so. Not for Wengzhou’s store in China called YEEZY.

You’d think YEEZY was rapper Kanye West and sportswear giant adidas’ sneaker collab creation. Even though they’re the proud parents of the brand, the store is openly selling replicas of all the sneakers from the original collection in the posh neighbourhood Wengzhou.


Youtuber Collin Abroadcast traveled 14 hours across China to get to the store just so he could vlog and show the world the exact copies of your favourite YEEZYs. The store’s even got other merch like YEEZY power banks.


The YEEZY replicas are believed to be a little heavier on the pocket than the original ones. But what matters is that China now has faster access to American fashion, only in a very technically illegal way.

Check out the entire tour of the store: