The iconic Austrian eyewear brand known for its pioneering lightweight glasses turns 20 this year

Titan Minimal Art (TMA), the iconic Austrian made lightweight eyewear turns 20 this year. An innovations pioneer, the brand made history in 1999 by creating a pair of glasses completely free of frames, hinges and screws,  and weighing just 1.8 grams. It is an achievement that has never been surpassed.

A year later,  in 2000, it achieved another important milestone. After much research,  NASA found TMA glasses fit to travel to space under the designation `Certified Space Technology’. The astronauts who travelled on the shuttle mission to the international space station that year wore TMA as their standard issue eyewear.

In the years since, TMA, which is still  100% owned by the founding Schmied family, has continued to innovate both in terms of design and material. 11.5 million pairs of TMA eyewear has been been sold worldwide so far. Quite an achievement for a company that is just celebrating its 20th birthday.