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Why The Waistcoat Is The Coolest Layer For The Summer

The waistcoat adds a touch of variety to formal and casual outfits

The summer is here and as we’ve noted before, the heat is no excuse get lazy with your fashion. The waistcoat is a great, versatile option for the summer events which don’t let you get away with wearing a t-shirt and shorts. 

The best outfits are the ones you can wear through the day and into the night. Your waistcoat should make it through as well. For a more formal environment, go for a three-piece suit without the jacket. This means a tie and accompanying trousers, but if you pick your fabrics right you’ll stay cool as you hop between meetings. Ditch the tie and swap out the suit pants for more casual slacks outside of work. 

To dress down the waistcoat further, wear it over a t-shirt, and unbutton it. You’ll imbibe something of a boho cool. Make the t-shirt white for a date, and the contrast will have her impressed. 

A funky take on the waistcoat is to pair it with a festive kurta. Again, leave it unbuttoned to let the colours underneath come out to play.