Hrithik Roshan sits down with MW for an exclusive interview to talk about his new collaboration with Rado, his life during the lockdown and upcoming projects.


What made you choose the Captain Cook for your Special Edition?

The New Rado Captain Cook is a modern interpretation of the original 1962 timepiece. Its vintage details, and up-to-date features made it the perfect pick for me to re-create the watch with Rado.

I have been associated with the brand for close to a decade now and I have very closely seen the brand evolve and grow. It is a great feeling to create something for a brand that is so close to your heart. This is my first ever watch collaboration and I hope the design is appreciated by both my fans and watch aficionados.


Can you tell us about the finer details in your special edition Captain Cook that makes it unique?

Coming together of vintage elements with modern material and features make this watch unique. The Rado Captain Cook is a natural choice for modern explorers. This automatic timepiece contains a mix of materials including high-tech ceramic and sapphire crystal, which is a style statement waiting to be discovered. It’s a watch designed to stand the test of time.

The new Captain Cook is water-resistant to 30 bar and has already proved a hit with contemporary watch wearers and modern explorers. The watch comes in a hard-wearing leather travel pouch with a selection of additional straps which allows you to change the bracelet or strap quickly and easily.



When it comes to timepieces, are you someone who prefers the classic, vintage watch or do you lean towards modern-day designs?

My association with Rado started almost 10 years back and since then I have fallen in love with watches. I am glad that I have a Rado for all occasions – be it  a classic Rado True or a vintage Rado Captain Cook or a modern looking Rado HyperChrome. I like to choose my watch basis the occasion.


How do you align yourself with Rado’s ethos?

Rado is known for its innovative design and use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most beautiful and durable watches.

The brand is constantly innovating and reinventing itself and this is something I try to follow in my professional career as well. I think we both perfectly complement each other.


How do you think a good watch complements a man?

There are only a few accessories that men can express their personality with.  For me a good timepiece tops the list.

Like I said, I choose my watch basis the occasion, it lets me reflect my mood. I would say a watch is a quintessential part of any men’s wardrobe and men these days love to invest in a good timepiece.




Can you tell us how your personal experience with Rado watches has been?

Being a brand ambassador for Rado is something that I am proud of . I am a fan of the watch and the people behind it . So there is never a moment where I am lost for words , my enthusiasm for the brand comes naturally to me. It has been a joyous association so far and I have loved every moment of it . I look forward to many more successful and satisfying years together.


Can you pick one Rado watch that you believe should be in every man’s collection?

This one has to be the new Rado Captain Cook Hrithik Roshan Special! Not just because I created it with lot of love but it’s a perfect combination of vintage elements with modern material.

If you’re a modern explorer looking for the next big thing in watches, this is the green light you’ve been waiting for!



What have you been up to during the lockdown? How are you biding your time?

I have been using this time quite productively. Been reading a lot of new scripts and books, working out at home, watching movies, spending time with my kids (Hrehaan and Hridaan). Also, I’ve always wanted to learn playing a musical instrument so I’ve picked on the piano. That’s pretty much the routine, creatively satisfying.


What can we expect next from you on the work front?

You can expect an interesting script and another role that challenges me, makes me push the envelope and makes me work harder to deliver the best. Hopefully, I will let you expect that from me throughout my life.


Can you tell us a little about Krrish 4?

The film is underway but it’s too soon for me to tell you guys anything more. All I can say is that we are putting in everything to make this film bigger and better than ever before. It is an extremely special franchise for us and we will do nothing but the best for it.