Despite the recent popularity of the Art of Collaborations, there has been a consensus that 2022 is the year for massive and iconic collaborations. Swatch has explored this art for a while now. From their early association with Kiki Picasso (1985) and Keith Haring (1986) to the most recent ones with Hodinkee and Damien Hirst, Swatch has embraced the idea of partnering with artists and personalities to create unique versions of their timepiece.

In 2022, Swatch watches have been taken over by Charles M. Schulz’s (American cartoonist and creator of the Peanuts comic strips) iconic characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock and the entire Peanut gang for the new Swatch x Peanuts collection. Promising good vibes and a colorful adventure, the new collection bursts with imagination and extraordinary moments from the Peanuts comic strip. Adding a fun and bright look to your wrist, the watches are guaranteed to bring out the inner child in you.

swatch watch peanut

The collaboration includes timepieces with six creative designs that celebrate the loveable quirks and personalities of the Peanuts gang. With sharp silhouettes and bright shades, each timepiece stays true to the brand’s DNA and offers specific references to the comic strip. For example, the watch reveals features like the baseball and catcher glove on the First Base watch hands.


 Expanding from its earlier Swatch Big Bold collection, every model comes in a 41mm case made from bio-sourced materials with a silicone bracelet that features the Peanuts logo on the loop. The dials and straps are designed according to each character from the gang, making each watch unique.

Swatch X Peanut Collection (4)

The Swatch x Peanuts collection gets a special packaging, and fans that collect all six watches will get a bespoke frame in which they can display all the watches. Now that’s a cool touch.

With prices starting from Rs 6,500, the Swatch x Peanut collection is available online. For more information, visit the Swatch website.