Imagine you’re a Swedish guy called Fredrik Colting, just for the heck of it. Outwardly, you appear to be a fairly straightforward, slightly geeky Scandinavian dude. On the inside, you’re planning to make a watch that counts down your life, telling you how long you have left to live. Cheerful, eh?

As bizarre as it sounds, Colting put his idea into plastic-and-circuitry action, and the end result is a watch called Tikker, which – well, just read the paragraph above. How does it work? You input details about your lifestyle into it, the watch makes a few quick calculations and then displays a countdown to when it thinks you’ll shuffle off the mortal coil. Like we said, cheerful.

Colting claims the watch is actually a ‘happiness’ watch, because it encourages you to make the most of the time (it thinks) you have left. He managed to raise almost $100,000 on Kickstarter for his project, so clearly there are plenty of morbidly inclined people out there. You can buy the Tikker at, for $79. We think we’ll stick with our HMT Pilot…