If you know your range of weathers in India, especially in the urban landscape in Southern parts, you’ll call the concept of winter here as a time where days are pleasant and the nights are chill. So, that makes it acceptable to wear your favourite short sleeved shirt all year round. Whether it’s for a business plus casual meeting or a dinner date, the short sleeved shirt has a few rules you need to adhere to.

Do not wear a tie

We’re guessing you’re not in your late teens going in for your first job interview where you sport a skinny noose. Wearing one looks amateur ad that’s not your intention.

It’s all in the buttons

The rules are simple for the collar button depending on whether you want to tuck your shirt in or not. If you want to combine tucked in with a buttoned up collar, tucked out with a buttoned up collar, tucked out with an open collar and tucked in with an open collar– the choice is yours.

Suit jacket with short sleeved shirt is a yes

You can still wear a full suit or a blazer/jacket when you’re wearing a short sleeved shirt. You won’t have to constantly pull on your long sleeves for a change.

Roll the sleeves

At times when the suit or jacket is benched, take the opportunity of rolling up your sleeves, but make sure they aren’t too rolled or else your hulk mode will burst without you even knowing it’s happened.

Here’s where you can start you short sleeved collection:

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