Fragrance Review: Yves Saint Laurent Y for Men

The brand’s new men’s scent is a tribute to Gen Y

When’s the last time you heard someone say Gen X or Gen Y? It’s almost the end of the 2010s and millennial is the buzzword now. Yves Saint Laurent revives the mystique around Generation Y (or just Gen Y), a term used to describe young adults born in the 1980s and 1990s. The brand’s new men’s scent is a tribute to Gen Y. It’s why YSL has enlisted the services of three achievers – all in their twenties, as the faces for this new scent. These Gen Y trailblazers include hip-hop musician Loyle Carner and Artificial Intelligence expert Alexander Robicquet. Y for Men marks a departure from its fragrance template for the 2010s that largely revolved around special editions and flankers to the brand’s successful L’Homme.

Inspired by the Classic YSL tee:

Freshness and strength – these are the two themes Y for Men is built on. According to the brand, Y seeks inspiration for these themes from the classic YSL white T-shirt and black jacket. Internationally renowned designer Suzanne Dalton was roped in to work on the monolithic construction of the bottle. The bottle is crafted to resemble a skyscraper. It’s sliced by a dramatic Metal Y that is the standout element of the bottle.

Whiff of fresh air:

The fragrance notes and the easy vibe of this scent keep the connection with that crisp, cool white YSL tee. You won’t miss the energy of the zesty bergamot and spicy ginger in the scent’s opening notes. A floral and spicy heart that includes notes like geranium and sage takes over. The perfume’s base combines deep, intense notes like incense, musk and cedar. The freshness stays almost throughout the journey of the scent even as it settles on your skin.

Easy to wear:

Y for Men is almost as easy to wear as that classic YSL white tee and Black Jacket. This is a scent you will enjoy wearing on a warm day; you will dig its minty fresh vibe. The perfume also has a good projection, you can smell it from a distance despite its fresh and mild notes. Longevity is average though. If you’re looking for a new olfactory experience and a scent that can lighten your mood on a manic workday, Yves Saint Laurent’s Y might just be it.

Yves Saint Laurent Y for Men costs Rs 6800 (100 ml) and is available at leading department stores across India.