Fashion designer Nikhil Thampi on the fashion scenario, his persona style, the importance of grooming, and more. 


  • When it comes to my personal fashion, I’m the classic kind of guy, who would pick his white shirt and blue jeans over anything else. I dress safe most of the time, but when I am in the mood to dress up, I get quirky by adding a fun waistcoat or a jacket to my regular clothing. Sometimes, I also accessorize with a brooch or a scarf. I never leave the house without my sunglasses.


  • With the influence of Bollywood over the masses, I definitely see the fashion scenario changing. Androgyny and colours will be the game-changing elements for men’s fashion. Personally as well, I have widened my vision and choice for colours. Shades of aqua blue and marine green are my absolute favourites for men this season.


  • There are a few styles for men that will remain eternal. The classic double-breasted jacket, a bandhgala blazer suit and interesting sherwanis are silhouettes that will never go out of style.


  • Owning the right pair of denims is crucial. The right pair would be one that fits like a dream and gives you the comfort of a second skin. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared2 make some of the most remarkable denims. High street brands like Diesel and Zara also offer great denims for men.


  • Invest in a great-smelling perfume, a luxurious looking watch, a classic pair of sunglasses and, most importantly, well fitted shoes.


  • My wardrobe would never be complete without my sunglasses, watches, an indigo pair of denims, well fitted black and white shirts and a classic blazer. My wardrobe could be empty and I wouldn’t mind, as long as I have just these pieces.


  • A little bit of experimentation won’t hurt the men of today. I think the incorporation of colour blocks, prints and fun silhouettes should be attempted.


  • Grooming and personal hygiene are of prime importance to me, but I don’t overdo it. I like my stubble, and I ensure I maintain it well and keep it trimmed.


  • For men at work, I would highly recommend coordinating your basic essentials – the watch strap, the belt and the shoes should be of the same colour, and the essentials should be paired carefully. Quirky printed socks are definitely an eye catcher.


  • Your style should define who you are. Never let the trends overshadow your personality. Believe in what you wear.
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