Hemant Sagar is the director of a Paris design house Lecoanet Hemant along with co-partner Didier Lecoanet. He talks to MW about his fashion icons personal style marked by a personal rebelliousness and how investing in classics such as a crisp white shirt into your wardrobe is a must.

  • Style is a personal expression of how one wishes to express oneself, or be perceived, and the difference between style and fashion has to be understood.


  • My personal style is a blend of classic and comfortable, with a few modern, urban twists. It is marked by a subjective mix of things I think that are contemporary and suit me, which defy conventions. It is also marked by a certain rebelliousness.


  • I believe in bringing in the best of fashion into my wardrobe, and that could include a combination of High Street and classical elements, which are not necessarily recognisable.


  • I think men should experiment with classic pieces, but revamp them in an urban language. Like in our new collection called GENES – Lecoanet Hemant, we have a range of poplin kurtas, which is our take on a traditional garment like a kurta.


  • I believe the most important part for a man is to be dressed neatly and tidily, and that all adornment or fashion expression only comes later.


  • Having the right accessories that match, or elegantly ‘unmatch’ your clothes, is another.


  • Expressing the time we live in is a must for me and being identified with anything that’s old is intolerable. To me, traditional clothes are only interesting if they have a modern twist, and wearing something that comes directly from the past makes me extremely uncomfortable.


  • While I am too involved in the subject of fashion to be able to point out a single person as a fashion icon, I think the different on-screen looks of Johnny Depp are interesting. In India, I find Rahul Khanna is very sincere to his style.


  • Always invest in some classics for your wardrobe. A crisp white shirt along with a comfortable pair of denims, tan moccasins and a belt with no screaming logos make a style statement.


  • Be well-groomed: a well-manicured hand, properly cut hair, clean skin, properly ironed garments, clean shoes, these are all style essentials.


  • I believe Indian men should start understanding the times we live in, as I find that they take style references from the past. I think Indian men need to adapt their wardrobe to their sharpness in technology.


  • Formal dressing is the one way of dressing that Indian men master very well. Now, they need to start thinking about the right way to dress casual. Also, the question to me is not the event, but the person whose party or event you are heading to. He is equally important and you need to ensure you never inappropriately dressed.
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