A well-fitted suit enjoys a long lifespan in a man’s wardrobes given one takes good care of it. No matter the sum you invest in them, the quality often tends to depreciate over time. All this and more can be avoided with a few hacks. To put things in perspective, we have listed down all the ways to maintain your suit from looking worn out before time.


  • Suits should be necessarily dry cleaned. But frequent dry cleaning will weaken its fibres. Experts say that a suit should be dry cleaned only once every 10 or 12 times you wear it. Under Indian conditions, it is better to dry clean once every five or six times. Suits made from cotton materials will require frequent cleaning.


  • It is important to find a good quality dry cleaner to clean your suit. A bad dry cleaner will reduce its longevity.


  • Always brush the suit with a good clothes-brush before you wear it to get rid of lint and other dirt particles that are invariably attracted to it. Lay the suit flat on a table before you brush it.


  • If you don’t have the time to steam, a good way to iron out the wrinkles is by hanging them in the bathroom for about 15 minutes with the shower on at high heat.


  • Though a suit will come ironed from the cleaners, with frequent wear it will pick up creases and wrinkles. Release them by steaming it using a good quality steam iron. Never iron a suit with a regular iron. It might damage the fabric.


  • It is a good habit to air the suit for a day after every time you wear it. It gives the fabric time to get back to proper shape.


  • Before putting the suit away make sure the pockets are empty. Also, zip up the pants and button the jacket before you hang it.


  • You reduce the life of a suit if you don’t hang it on a hanger. Use good quality sturdy hangers with broad support at the shoulders and a strong metal hook. Get a clamp hanger for trousers, and hang it upside down from the cuff.


  • Space out the clothes in your wardrobe. That helps fabrics breathe.


  • Under Indian conditions with all the dust and pollution in the air, it is best to store away the suit in a suit bag. Make sure that there are few mothballs in the cupboard where you store the suit.
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