Maniesh Paul Shoe Closet

Inside Maniesh Paul’s Shoe Closet 

Fun Fact: Unlike many other sneakerheads, Maniesh eschews sneaker reselling culture; he always prefers fresh pairs and has scouts hunting down new reveals. The quirky actor-producer always keeps an eye out for the newest kicks in the market and has amassed quite a collection over the years

Shoe count: 300+ 

Maniesh Paul

Tell us a little about your shoe collection. 

So, I’ve always been very fond of shoes. Since I was a child, I used to make sure my shoes were very clean and nice, and I would like to get the latest ones. Obviously, at that time, I couldn’t buy so many of them, but now — touchwood — God has been really kind. 

Your last two shoe purchases were? 

As of right now, I can say that the last two shoes I remember buying —actually not two — there were six of them. I got some Nikes from the U.S. while I was there, and also purchased some crazy Louboutins — two pairs of them. 

What’s a pair you can’t seem to get enough of right now? 

The pair I’m loving right now is Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Craft – Vibrations of Naija. It is a white shoe — I’m generally not very fond of white shoes and I keep very few of them — but this one I have really liked. Number one, it’s really comfortable. I remember I was wearing it in the U.S, where I brought it from, and a lot of people were asking where I picked it up — it is a limited-edition sneaker. 

What’s your most-worn shoe and why? 

My most-worn shoe has to be the Nike Presto. I really them, they’re comfortable and I love the colours — I’ve bought different collections from this range over time. 

A celebrity you’d love to go shoe shopping with. 

I think I would like to go with Ranveer Singh. Ranveer and I are both fond of funky stuff and given the kind of colours we both wear, I think we will pick up some crazy collections together. 

What are some shoe labels you can’t live without? 

Nike’s Jordan and Christian Louboutin, are essentials for me. 

What is your most prized sneaker in your collection and why? 

Nike Air Force 1 Mid x Off-White in clear black is my favourite. I guess I can call it my most prized possession. 

How do you determine the authenticity and value of a sneaker? What factors do you consider? 

I don’t know how to exactly judge authenticity and value; I shop more from the heart. I do make sure to purchase at the showrooms that sell authentic products only. In terms of price, you can’t put a price on something you love, and I only buy shoes I love.