Augmented reality is the next big thing in the gaming industry, and we are totally blown away by the games we’ve played so far. If you don’t know what AR means, it basically alters your view of the real world with computer-generated graphics or sound.

Sounds interesting? Then here are some games you should definitely check out.


An augmented reality game from Hyderabad-based Empower Labs, Delta T is about an post-apocalyptic world where there are just four corporations and they are all at war. You have to be part of one corporation and save the world.

Pokemon Go

Probably the most popular augmented reality game, Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemons and becoming a master. If you saw Pokemon as a kid, like we did, this one will fulfill your ambitions of playing Ash Ketchum.


Ever wanted to shoot a person straight in the head? Well, we’ve wanted to do that too. This game detects the face of the person in front of you, and lets you shoot them in the head. Blood oozes out and you can take a picture of your victim. Fun way to be violent without causing harm.

Zombies Run!

This is a sound based augmented reality game, where Zombies run after you. And to escape them, you have to keep running. It works on a treadmill as well, but you need to have good earphones to experience its full benefits.

Night Terrors

If you have an appetite for getting scared, just download this game right away. It is best played in your own house with lights off and headphones on.