The pre-launch leaks almost nailed it. They told us that this was not going to be a rad upgrade like the iPhone X back in 2017. They predicted three iPhones including the awfully long Pro Max suffix but above all Apple fanboys must be relieved they got the camera predictions right. We’ve just processed all the announcements from Apple’s big September 10 event and here’s what we’re kinda excited about:

Apple TV+: Rs 99/month. Enough said. With Content crafted by A-listers like Oprah Winfrey and big ticket dramas like the Morning Show, starring and executive produced by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and starring Steve Carell, Apple’s new video subscription service goes live on November 1. We’re keen to see how this service approaches the Indian market with its Content strategy. This service isn’t just available on Apple devices like Apple TV or iPads but also on a whole host of Samsung smart TVs. 

The iPhone 11: At Rs 64,900 this might just be the iPhone that most folks will gravitate towards. And it may not just be a compromise purchase. The iPhone 11 is propelled by the same A13 bionic chip in the pricier 11 Pro and Pro Max. Its kitted with a dual cam (vis-à-vis the single rear cam on the iPhone XR) that brings ultra-wide photography (with a 120-degree field of view) and Apple’s New Night Mode. 

The triple rear cam on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max: a triple cam was long overdue on an iPhone; but it’s here and it’s feature packed. The Night mode images look stellar and this is one feature we can’t wait to explore during our deep dive. The cam snaps multiple images even as OIS (Optical image stabilisation) steadies the lens. The camera software takes over and discards sections with excess blur and fuses sharper ones as it adjust the contrast. And just in case you’re considering the more formidable iPhone 11 Pro (starts at Rs 99,900) or the Pro Max (from Rs 109,900 onwards), do check out the new midnight green colour variant. 

The Always on display on the Apple Watch 5: one of those features that most Apple Watch users would have liked to see in the very first gen watch. It’s almost a no-brainer except that the first editions probably didn’t have the battery to back up an always on display. Battery life was one of the key improvements in last year’s Apple Watch 4, probably the biggest upgrade of the Apple Watch. It’s not just glancing at your watch for the time but its handy to have your metrics available during workouts, whether you’re swimming or biking. 

The new iPad: this might seem like the most insignificant upgrade but adds welcome functionality to Apple’s entry-level iPad that was previously reserved for the more Pro and Air versions. This new iPad (from Rs 29,900) expands the (Retina) display to 10.2-inches, adds Apple Pencil (First generation) support and for the full-size smart keyboard. We’ve been testing the all-new iPad OS with better multi-tasking abilities, on beta mode over the last couple of months. It’s now available for the entire iPad line.

(Image credits: Apple)

The iPhone 11 – Series will go on sale in India from Friday, September 27, 2019.