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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Android Phone

If your patience is running thin because of your phone, we’ve got you sorted with these simple solutions.

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Are you perenially distressed by your phone? Do you get annoyed every time you have to attach something to a mail? If your patience is running thin because of your phone, then you must not live with it because in today’s day and age, our phones are almost as important as our hands. So without further ado, let’s take a look at five easy solutions that can help speed up things for you.

Delete the Facebook app

Yes, according to an experiment done by The Guardian, deleting the Facebook app can improve your phone’s battery life and performance significantly. Alternatively, you can use Facebook on Chrome. It’s equally convenient. 

Free Up Some Space

This is common sense, but a lot of people ignore this basic hack to speed up the phone and keep ranting about how their phone doesn’t work fast. You should delete unnecessary apps, delete annoying WhatsApp videos and images, and also download a basic clean up app (a basic search on Google Play will suffice) to keep your phone in mint condition. 

Disable Animation

Not many people know of this hack since it’s a little geeky (not dangerous) to pull off. Go to settings > about phone > tap the build number 7 times > you’ve enabled developer options > return to settings and open developer options > Window animation scale > animation off.

Perform factory reset

If a slow phone is a recurring problem, no matter what you do, then it’s time to perform a factory reset. Go to settings > backup & data > factory reset. It’ll remove all the apps and data, so please make sure you keep what you need to keep safely somewhere. 

Keep your home screen clean

Ideally, don’t have too many icons on your home screen. Also, a static wallpaper is much better than an animated one. Gone are the days when a moving wallpaper would seem fascinating.