I doubt the T-REX, that sort of shares its name with one of the most famous dinosaurs, has a
fascinating backstory like the G-shock. Casio’s cult watch was originally conceived by a
Japanese engineer who dropped and broke an heirloom watch in the early 1980s. The G-
shock came with triple 10 resistance including drop resistance up to 10 metres. The T-REX is
probably where a smartwatch meets a G-shock and it’s not a bad place to start.

In a smartwatch world where most brands have clearly taken sides in the square vs circle
battle, Amazfit cleverly plays both games. There are quite a few users – especially those who
are making the first leap to a smartwatch, who prefer a circular dial. They have quite a few
options including Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Huawei Watch GT 2e and the T-
REX. Huami’s Amazfit is pitching the T-REX as a rugged, all-weather rugged option. The
wearable has passed 12 regulations of military standard (MIL-STD-810) quality tests to resist
extreme environments and can also withstand extreme temperatures. Despite its rugged
demeanour, the watch weighs under 60 gm (thanks to tough plastic) and doesn’t feel too
heavy on your wrist. While the strap is equally sturdy, there’s no option to swap it for third
party straps.

The Amazfit custom App is quite intuitive (I paired the watch with an iPhone 11 Pro) and the
device syncs with your smartphone after a fairly long drawn first time pairing process. The
App is easy on the eye and offers a whole bunch of customisations. First, there’s a whole
bunch (about 30) of custom watch faces that complement the muscular design language. You
can also receive text and call alerts plus a whole host of other App notifications on your wrist.
There’s no speaker, so you will have to answer calls on your phone. You can view texts on
the display, but go back to your phone to craft responses. There’s no storage option for
music, but the phone allows you to control music (whether you’re plugged in to a playlist
from your phone or an App like Spotify) from your wrist.

Amazfit doesn’t boast of a smartwatch ecosystem like some of its rivals. Just like Huawei’s
GT 2e, you get notifications and a choice of watch faces. It’s the fitness features that are the
watch’s key strength. The T-REX is packed with 14 sports modes and offers a host of drill-
down data options. It’s backed by a solid hardware set-up that includes GPS and GLONASS.
You also get sleep tracking and heart-rate monitoring. The compass function is fun to use
too. The hardware spec sheet also includes a bold 1.3-inch AMOLED display (360 x 360
pixels) that offers good visibility even under direct sunlight. Huami promises 20 days of
battery life without the always-on display and without GPS usage. Based on our tests, it’s
quite an accurate estimation. Although I’d suggest using the always-on display if you’d like
to relive the G-shock experience.

At Rs 9,999 the Amazfit T-REX is a formidable proposition. It has all the stuff the average
fitness enthusiast cares for, includes handy touches like GPS and an always-on display. The companion App is quite useful while battery life is stellar. And then there’s the form factor
that truly sets this smartwatch apart.

The Amazfit T-REX comes in four colour variants -Rock Black, Army Green, Camo Green
and Khaki. It costs Rs 9,999