In an age where smartphones are as ubiquitous as sliced bread, there’s also an app for almost everything. From helping you video chat with your friends and family to helping you share movies, everyone has a bunch of basic apps that nobody can do that. These are – WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Truecaller, Zomato, ShareIt, etc. 

But other than these, Google has come out with a list of best apps (and the most popular that you could download right away). We’ve selected our favorite ones from that list. 

Most Entertaining – Gaana Music

Bollywood fans rejoice for the Gaana app gives you access to over 30 million songs, legally and free of cost. You can also choose to see what songs are hitting the top 30 charts or listen to curated playlists like sad songs, devotional, bhangra, etc. 

Best Social- Slack

A great app that every organisation should use, Slack makes interacting and communication between teams and groups extremely smooth and easy. You can share files, have to-do lists and search archived conversation, all in one place. 

Best Daily Helper – SideChef

If you’re into cooking, then SideChef is one app that will make you glow with happiness. It helps you cook step-by-step, so that you don’t need to keep looking into that recipe book or pausing that YouTube video again and again. It also has set timers, making cooking a real breeze. What more? It gives you around 4000 recipes to choose from. 

Best Hidden Gem – Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help

If you have a teenage kid or a younger brother whose mathematical queries are too tough for you to handle, then please make him download this app. It can scan even handwritten problems (both mathematical and historical) and use its artificial intelligence to give you the right answers. 

Best For Kids – AppyStore Kids Learning Videos

Whether your kid (less than 8 years) isn’t fond of school or is a budding nerd acquiring ranks on a consistent basis, this app can help make learning more fun and interactive with some super cool exercises.