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CES 2019: Robot That Helps Keep Your Pets Happy

Now, we have robots for your pets

At the Consumer Electronics Show, a special robot stole the show. Future is now, and it is time for the robots to shine. Although, this time it isn’t for humans, but for their pets.

The Varram Pet Fitness Robot built for your pets has sensors that detect any obstacles on the way such as walls or chairs. Plus, it dispenses treats. Therefore, making it the perfect device for working people with pets. So, you can leave it on before heading to work, and, it lasts up to 10 hours.

This device connects to your app will give you the liberty to prepare a schedule. Furthermore, it stores the data on how long your pet plays or how much treats they consume. So, you can always monitor your pet’s activities.

This technology is aimed to deal with problems like separation anxiety, obesity and depression faced by animals. And that is exactly why this robot was a hit among animal lovers.


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(Image Credits: CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel)