We were all waiting for an announcement from either Sony or Microsoft to get a first look at each of these company’s latest consoles. Sony confirmed the PlayStation 5, but all we’ve got in terms of first looks are unofficial, leaked renders. Microsoft, on the other hand, not only announced its latest console but has also officially shared images of the new Series X.

Here are five things you should know about Microsoft’s latest console:

Project Scarlett

The Series X was previously dubbed Project Scarlett. We first came to know about the Series X under its codename earlier this year at E3, 2019. We actually prefer the codename over the Series X.


This is probably the Series X’s biggest talking point. Some love the new design while some claim it looks like a black brick that runs on electricity. Well, they’re not wrong. But the design had to be this bulky due to its insane power and technical capabilities.


Backwards Compatibility

Xbox fans can rejoice. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently told GameSpot that the Xbox Series X will be able to support backwards compatibility. Which means, that you will be able to play all the Xbox One games, Xbox 360 games and original Xbox titles that were converted to be backwards compatible with the Xbox One, according to IGN India.


Sharing Function

The new Series X controller will reportedly be coming with a dedicated share button. Microsoft did not confirm the use of the button, but various reports claim that this button could be used to share gameplay videos and images on various social media websites.


Release Date

We still haven’t gotten an accurate release date, but the Series X is expected to be released late 2020. Most probably during the holiday season.