The sheer number of electronic devices that we use on a daily basis demand that we now have a separate bag to carry them. When I travel, for example, my personal electronics range include a laptop, a phone, a Kindle and a digital watch. Each of them requires a separate charger. Many of them are very bulky. More often not, I end up carrying a separate pouch to stuff all the chargers in one place.

Mumbai-based electronic accessories maker and marketer Stuffcool has a possible solution to this ever-expanding problem. A few months ago, they launched Napoleon PD65W GaN wall-charger,  India’s first GaN charger, which is not just smaller, but also more powerful than the regular phone and laptop chargers.  

The semiconductors in a conventional charger contain transistors made from silicon.  Because of their size and limited capability,  these transistors make the charger bulky and is also prone to heating up at higher voltage. GaN, which stands for Gallium Nitride, originally used in the making of LEDs, is the new generation material used to make the semiconductors in chargers. It produces less heat than silicon, is more efficient, and several times faster in the transmission of current. 

As a result, the charger made from GaN is less prone to heating at a higher voltage and are much smaller in size. For a market like India, GaN has another significant advantage. Because of the problem of voltage fluctuation, chargers must come with the in-built capability to overcharge. On other occasions, they must be protected against power surges. GaN is intrinsically better suited for these kinds of situations involving over-voltage, over-current, and even short circuits.

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W GaN is India’s first charger to meet all the safety standard criteria laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Despite the small size (it is at least 40% smaller than a Type C Macbook charger), it is powerful enough to charge Dell XPS laptops, HP Type C Ultrabooks, Type C Macbook Pro and Air range, as well as iPhones, iPads, flagship Android phones including Samsung’s Note 20 and S20 ranges,  tablets and even gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. 

It is equipped with two ports – 1 Type C capable of delivering up to PD65W of output and a standard USB A port capable of delivering 18W QC3 Compatible output. Though priced at Rs 4499, it is currently available on Amazon for Rs 3900, and Rs 3599 on Flipkart.