The first teaser trailer for the new Avengers game left us supremely disappointed. Not just us but a whole community who were expecting a lot from this specific game. And why not, it was going to be the first full-fledged superhero game from Marvel for gamers. It’s been a long time coming and expectations were through the roof. But then, the first look came out and those expectations crumbled to the ground. The game seemed badly made, generically saturated and just not fun overall. Fast-forward to today, the day we have a new trailer and some new, refreshed visuals to judge.



We don’t have a lot to work with since the clip itself is just a minute long. But it’s clear that the environments and characters have undergone some thoughtful and extensive redesigns.

Watch the trailer below and take a look for yourself:


This is the first look we get since the announcement of the delay. So far, things haven’t changed much but we’ll remain optimistic.