Virtual Reality isn’t as big in India as it is worldwide. But that’s slowly changing. Thanks to Zero Latency.

I had been itching to have some quality VR experience here in my city of Mumbai or India for that matter. The closest I came to it was in malls where they promise VR but just throw you in a seat that vibrates vigorously and sprays unnecessary amounts of water in inappropriate places. So, no luck. But when the guys at Zero Latency called to get a taste of some real VR, I naturally got a little excited. 

First of all, the setup was elaborate and unlike anything I had ever seen in India. There were no vibrating chairs, so that was a good sign. The setup consisted of a briefing room where you get into your high-tech gear with the staff guiding you through it all. And then, you’re taken to the playground. A huge open room that allows your group to make the best out of VR. 

Zero Latency offers six games for you to choose from — Sol Raiders, Zombie Outbreak, Zombie Survival, Singularity, Engineerium, Outbreak Origins — and the games can either be played alone or in a group. It would be best to play these games in a group as that’s when you can make the most out of it. We played two games, Engineerium and Zombie Survival. Engineerium is a great introduction to VR. There are no guns and no survival involved, just exploration. You are put on a beautiful planet and you just need to walk through and float around. For those who want some action, this is not the game you play. You’d be better off playing Zombie Survival. The game is self-explanatory. You’re thrown into this warehouse where you need to fight off the zombies till help arrives. You get a gun for this one and it is a lot of fun. You have the option of shifting through sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and automatic rifles. 



We suggest you ditch the boring routine of going to the club with your friends and do something unique like this instead this weekend.

Zero Latency is set up in Mathuradas Mills Compound in Lower Parel and you can find all the information here.