The legendary era of the PlayStation 4 is soon going to come to an end. The PS4 console has served us well, but it’s time to move on. Sony has confirmed that they are indeed working on the fifth-generation console. Here’s everything we know so far.



As expected, PS5 will perform far better than PS4 and PS4 Pro. You can expect to have an ultra-powerful yet quiet console on which 4K games will run buttery-smooth with almost no lags. If you’re interested in details, the CPU of the PS5 is derived from the 3rd gen AMD Ryzen series, which has an 8-core processor.




We saw leaked renders of the PS5 make its way online earlier this year. The 3D rendering was created by a Dutch publication named LetsGoDigital. According to the images, the new PS5 console will lose its boxy-shape for a more aggressive design that almost looks like a powerful engine of a sports car. It also comes complete with various multimedia buttons, blue lighting and the iconic PlayStation logo. The V-shape could be possibly be used to signify the Roman numeral V.


PS4 Discontinuation 


The hard question for PS4 owners is whether game developers will be releasing games for PS4 consoles or not. The answer, is uncertain. Sony has not confirmed or denied if this will be happening. Of course, eventually, games will be discontinued, but most likely, game developers will choose to phase it out slowly and not as soon as the new console releases. 




The controller of the new console is going to have quite a few improvements. Firstly, the vibration set up in the new controllers will be way more responsive than the PS4 controller. The vibration will be haptic, which means you will be able to recognise what you are doing in the game, just from how the controls feel. The other upgrade to the controller is the adaptive triggers, which are designed to offer resistance to your fingers depending on what you are doing in the game.



According to Highsnobeity, Sony is planning to have an official announcement ceremony for the PS5 in February 2020. As for the official release, reports hint towards a date between November to December 2020.